Discover the magic of Direct to Film (DTF) transfers in our latest blog post. Unravel the meaning behind DTF and explore its applications in the custom apparel industry. From its unique process involving specialized inkjet printers to the artistry of heat pressing slick paper transfers onto garments, we break down the intricacies. Learn why DTF transfers are gaining popularity for their cost-effectiveness, suitability for short runs, and versatility on various fabrics. Dive into the world of personalized apparel and elevate your understanding of this innovative and economical printing method.


Step into the world of DeAnna Fleming, our exceptional Production Lead at SP101, Inc. 🌟 Beyond overseeing order quality, discover how DeAnna orchestrates the daily rhythm of our operations, sets goals for growth, and leads with a hands-on approach. Dive into the behind-the-scenes of a role that's not just about work but building a thriving, close-knit team. Stay tuned for a closer look at DeAnna's journey, her family, and the heartbeat of our production floor! 🚀✨

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