SP101, Inc production Manager 

In the heart of SP101, Inc. beats the pulse of efficiency and excellence, and at the helm of our production team stands the incredible DeAnna Fleming. Since taking on the role of Production Lead in August, DeAnna has proven to be the driving force behind the seamless execution of every order that comes through our doors.

With a keen eye for detail, DeAnna meticulously oversees each order, ensuring they are not only completed on time but also meet the highest standards of quality. Her commitment to perfection has made a significant impact on our processes, with small improvements leading to substantial enhancements in our overall output.


Beyond her professional prowess, what truly sets DeAnna apart is her unwavering positivity and deep-rooted faith. A truly godly lady, DeAnna brings a contagious joy to our workplace, making every day a little brighter for everyone around her. Her uplifting spirit is reflected not only in her work but also in the warmth she extends to her colleagues.

In the intricate dance of managing our production, DeAnna's role extends far beyond ensuring the quality of our work. She orchestrates the rhythm of our daily operations, creating a finely tuned schedule for each team member. With a strategic mindset, DeAnna sets ambitious goals for the team and herself, propelling us towards continuous growth.

As a leader, she wears many hats, providing hands-on support whenever and wherever needed to keep the team on track. DeAnna's commitment goes beyond the production floor; she hosts weekly team meetings with our shop manager. These gatherings serve as a hub for updates on orders, policies, events, and even a moment of collective reflection through a small team prayer.

Her role is pivotal in the success of our business. DeAnna's expertise not only ensures the quality of our output but also facilitates the timely completion of orders, a crucial factor in our commitment to delivering within a manageable two-week timeframe.

DeAnna is more than just a Production Lead; she is a cornerstone of our community. Actively involved in the Rogersville and Anderson communities, as well as her church, DeAnna goes above and beyond to make a positive impact beyond the walls of our business. Her commitment to community service and outreach embodies the values we hold dear at SP101, Inc.

On a personal note, DeAnna is a proud mother of three and shares a blissful marriage. Her dedication to both her family and her work is truly commendable. To celebrate her multifaceted life, we'll be sharing glimpses of DeAnna's world, featuring pictures of her beautiful family. It's our way of saying thank you for the incredible work she does and the joy she brings to our SP101 family.

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